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Who we are
Records Archives, LLC is a dedicated company specializing
in medical records retrieval services. We recognize
the crucial role that comprehensive medical documentation
plays in legal proceedings. Our team at Records Archives, LLC
is committed to assisting law firms like yours in retrieving
and organizing essential medical records faster and more efficiently.
Why Records Archives, LLC
By delegating medical records retrieval to Records Archives, LLC,
your law firm can streamline operations, save valuable time and
resources, and ensure compliance and accuracy in obtaining
essential medical information for your cases.
Our portal offers a centralized platform where
you can securely access and manage your medical
records requests, saving time and reducing administrative
Our Mission
We empower legal professionals by providing fast,
seamless access to their clients' medical records,
facilitating informed decision-making, and ultimately
contributing to the delivery of justice.
Contact us:
Phone: (703) 382-1411
Fax: (703) 686-5033
Our Values
We prioritize confidentiality, accuracy, efficiency,
and compliance with regulations such as HIPAA. Our aim is
to provide timely access to medical information while prioritizing
patient privacy and security. Additionally, we emphasize
exceptional customer service and cost-effectiveness for our clients.